English 205:
Discussion Question 7

Webster, The Duchess of Malfi
Milton, Cite

Directions: After reading the lecture, answer the question below. This answer is due no later than Thursday, Apr. 26.

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Just answer one of the following questions.

1. By the end of The Duchess of Malfi, has Bosola redeemed himself? Explain your answer, using specific examples from the play.

2. How does the play, The Duchess of Malfi, explore the theme of "imprisonment"?

3. Some critics have argued that Milton creates too much sympathy for Satan, making it difficult for a reader of Paradise Lost to see him as wholly evil. Do you agree? Explain.

4. The Archangel Michael, in Book 12, rebukes Adam for asking too many questions, telling him that there are certain realms of knowledge that are God's alone, not for man to know. And Eve is tempted not by the apple per se, but by knowledge. Is Milton arguing that knowledge is bad, and that ignorance is bliss?

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