Discussion Questions

Discussion Question 3

Directions: Answer ONLY ONE of the questions below. Your answer is due no later than Thursday, Sept. 21.

Your responses to other students' answers are due by midnight on Sunday, Sept. 24. In order to get the full 20 points, you MUST respond thoughtfully to at least 3 other people's postings.

Please answer the question as thoughtfully as possible, after reading the lecture. Then post your answer to the English 103 Message Board by the deadline.

We will be using the Canvas Discussion Board for this class. Click on the link below to get to the Canvas portal, sign in, and then click on the box for this class. You will find the "Discussions" link on the left side of the screen:

Discussion Board

Remember: This discussion question is worth a possible 20 points. Late answers will receive 0 points. Points will be assigned according to the thoughtfulness of your answers, not by whether they are "right" or not, since sometimes there is no "right" answer. Just be sure your ideas are supported by the material in the readings.

1. How do you measure "merit"? Choose one specific area of expertise (visual art, music, fiction writing, architecture, auto mechanics, engineering, to give just a few examples) and explain what the standards are for measuring merit in that field.

2. Make a list of products that should be built to last.

3. Some schools, as you read in "Goodbye ABCs," are moving toward eliminating letter grades and making grade levels more fluid. What are the reasons for or against recommending these changes in the elementary school in your neighborhood?

When you respond to other people's answers, be sure to post a response of substance, which adds new details or ideas to what they've said, or asks questions for clarification. Don't just say "I think your list of products is great" or some variation on that. Really give some thought to what the other student has said and see what you can contribute.