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Instructor: Ann Warren
Office: NEA 297
Office Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 9-9:30 am, and by appointment
Phone: 310-233-4250
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Course Schedule: Weeks 10-15
Course Schedule: Final Exam


Week 1 Aug. 28-Sept. 3 INTRODUCTION
But What If We're Wrong?
Playing with Ideas
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No Discussion Questions due this week
Reading: Klosterman, Introduction (starting on page 1) and "A Brief Examination..."

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Week 2 Sept. 5-10
What Comes First? Then What?
Reading Strategies
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Go to Discussion Questions 1
Reading: Klosterman, "A Quaint and Curious Volume..."
Mike Matas: a Next Generation Digital Book (TED Talk)
The 25 Best Inventions of 2016
Future Technology: 22 ideas about to change our world
Most Influential Fiction of the 20th century
Week 3 Sept. 11-17
Show Me a Picture
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Go to Discussion Questions 2
Reading: Klosterman, "But That's the Way I Like it..."
Inside the Making of Sgt. Pepper
The 50 albums that changed music
McBride, "Hip-Hop Planet"
Week 4 Sept. 18-24
What Do You Mean I'm Wrong?!
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Go to Discussion Questions 3
Reading: Klosterman, "Merit"
Website Only Stocks Items that last a lifetime
Goodbye ABCs
What Objective Criteria..."
How do we Judge..."
Week 5 Sept. 25-Oct. 1
How Do I Say This...?
Go to Lecture 5
No Discussion Questions due this week
paper Paper 1 due
Reading: Klosterman, "Burn Thy Witches"
Framing 101: How to Take Back...
Understanding Trump
Week 6 Oct. 2-8
Let's Try This a Different Way
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Go to Discussion Questions 4
Reading: Reading: Klosterman, "Burn Thy Witches"
Is Our Universe the Only Universe? (TED Talk)
You are a Simulation...(TED Talk)
Week 7 Oct. 9-15
Is It a Conspiracy or a Dream?
Go to Lecture 7
Go to Discussion Questions 5
Reading: Klosterman, "The World that is Not There"
How Internet Conspiracies Go Viral
Truth vs. Perception vs. Reality (TED Talk)
Working with Historians
The Historiography of the American Revolution
The Neural Code and Dreaming
Can Our Dreams Solve Problems While we Sleep?
Week 8 Oct. 16-22
The Demise of TV
No Lecture this week
Go to Discussion Questions 6
Reading: Klosterman, "Don't Tell Me What Happens..."
What Television Will Look Like...
What is the Future of Television?
Week 9 Oct. 23-29
The Future of Sports
No Lecture this week
No Discussion Questions due this week
paper Paper 2 due
Reading: Klosterman, "Sudden Death (Over Time)"
The Real-Life Whiplash
Voices: Better Ways to Teach
What the NFL Will Look Like...
Simmons vs. Gladwell: The Future of Football
Barry, "Representing a Country is a Great Feeling"
Boyd, "When Smush Parker Saved the World"
Video Game Culture
Effect of Video Games on Child Development
Week 10 Oct. 30-Nov. 5
History and Democracy
No Lecture this week
Go to Discussion Questions 7
Reading: Klosterman, "The Case Against Freedom"
Why Teach History?
Why Study History?
This is What Democracy Looks Like (TED Talk)
Are We Wrong to Think We're Right? (TED Talk)
Why I Love a Country That Once Betrayed Me (TED Talk)
Week 11 Nov. 6-12
But What if We're Right?
No Lecture this week
Go to Discussion Questions 8
Reading: Klosterman, "But What if We're Right?"
Klosterman, "Only the Penitent Man Shall Pass"
Emotional Intelligence
The Singularity: A Talk with Ray Kurzweil
The Singularity Isn't Near
Elon Musk's Billion-Dollar Crusade to Stop...
How the Internet Gets Inside Us
Week 12 Nov. 13-19
This is Your Space
No Lecture this week
paper Paper 3 due
Reading: To Be Determined
Week 13 Nov. 20-22
More of Your Space
Go to Lecture 13
No Discussion Questions due this week
Reading: To Be Determined
Week 14 Nov. 27-Dec. 3
Wrapping It Up
No Lecture this week
Go to Discussion Questions 9
Reading: No new Readings This Week
Week 15 Dec. 4-10 CATCH YOUR BREATH WEEK No reading assignment for this week

paper Final Exam due
The final exam is due on or before Monday, Dec. 11, by midnight.

No late exams will be accepted, as I must turn in grades immediately.

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