English 208:
Discussion Questions 7

Joseph Stella Old Brooklyn Bridge

Chandler, Farewell, My Lovely

Directions: After reading the lecture, answer one of the questions below. This answer is due no later than Thursday, April 12.

A well thought out answer will probably be two or three substantial paragraphs (250-350 words on average).

Your responses to other students' answers are due by midnight on Sunday, April 15. Remember: in order to get the full 20 points, you MUST respond thoughtfully to at least 2 other people's postings.

This set of discussion questions is worth a possible 20 points. Late answers receive 0 points, so post early :)

More details, with sample questions and answers, can be found on the Discussion Board itself, under the heading "Info on Discussion Questions." Please read this carefully so you know how to get the most points for the discussions.

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Discussion Board

Just answer one of the following questions.

1. Compare Chandler's view of the world to Hammett's. Use specific examples and direct quotes from the novels for support.

2. Is Moose Malloy a good guy or a bad guy? Explain, using specific examples and direct quotes from the novel for support.

3. One of the first axioms a beginning fiction writer memorizes is "Make your main character likable." Philip Marlowe, in Farewell, My Lovely, is often anything but likable. Yet he has become one of the best-known characters in literature. What makes him so compelling? Use specific examples and direct quotes from the novel for support.

For further information on these works, see the Links page.