English 208:

Metropolitan Port

On these pages, you will find links to the lectures that go along with the readings. Please read the lectures carefully.

Lecture 1: Themes and issues in American Literature: 1865-1900

Lecture 2: Late 19th Century Fiction: Mark Twain

Lecture 3: Late 19th Century Fiction: Henry James

Lecture 4: Late 19th Century Fiction: Stephen Crane

Lecture 5: Early 20th Century Poetry: Eliot and Others

Lecture 6: Early 20th Century Fiction: Hemingway, Faulkner, and Others

Lecture 7: Early 20th Century Fiction: Fitzgerald and West

Lecture 8: Early 20th Century Fiction: Hammett

Lecture 9: Early 20th Century Fiction: Chandler

Lecture 10: Mid to Late 20th Century Poetry: Roethke, Ginsburg, and Others

Lecture 11: Late 20th and Early 21st Century Fiction: Short Stories and Novels