"Shakespeare, by his colossal genius belongs to the universe, and a French, German, or Russian mind has the right to admire him and understand him."

--Sarah Bernhardt

Blake fairies

The following are links to literature pages on the Web

Book Lovers: This site contains an abundance of links to every imaginable book-related site. Fabulous!

Bookwire: This site also has good links to other sites; more important, it links you to lists of the Nobel, Pulitzer, Pen-Faulkner, and other award winners. And not least, it takes you toThe Boston Review of Books and The Hungry Mind Review, among others.

Nimble Books LLC: This site contains book reviews, articles, author biographies, and also information on book-related Usenet groups.

The Literature Network has links to information and e-texts for a large number of authors. A very good resource.

The Word : This site contains a list of links to other book sites, especially on-line journals and reference sources. A very inclusive list.

Literature.org has full and unadridged e-texts of many American and English classics.

Bartleby.com has links to quotations, e-texts, and information on many writers. Great resource!

The following are links to sites which provide assistance with research, paper writing and documentation.

The Internet Public Library: This site contains all sorts of help on writing research papers, documentation, and information on literature, as well as lots of good links to literature sites.

The University of Wisconsin's Page on Documentation Styles: The name says it all.

The following are links to just a few of the excellent sites which provide information about Shakespeare, the Elizabethan era, and the plays we are reading.

General Information about William Shakespeare:

Elizabethan England:

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Richard III:

Henry V:




The Tempest: